BUCK 110 Hunter Folding Knife

BUCK 110 Hunter Folding Knife

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The 110 Folding Hunter® is a classic and traditional favorite! Buck's Folding Hunter was created in 1963 when Al Buck decided that a revolutionary locking blade knife was needed by outdoorsmen who wanted a sturdy knife but did not want to carry a long, fixed blade knife. He was right and the result proved to be the key to the company's future. The challenge was to combine the strengths of other folding knives with locking mechanisms into a good-looking, reliable product. It wasn't easy, but after a series of refinements, the Model 110 was unveiled. Within six months, this innovation was the hottest knife in the industry. 

As originally introduced in the 1960s the 110 once again features a genuine ebony hardwood handle. This ethically sourced Crelicam™ ebony supports replanting efforts in the Congo Basin rainforest while providing Buck Knives with a genuine hardwood handle that is nearly indestructible. 

The Folding Hunter®, after over 50 years, is still one of America's best-selling knives. 

Includes a genuine, black leather knife sheath 
Closed Length: 4 7/8" (12.4 cm) 
Made in the USA. 

BLADE LENGTH: 3 3/4" (9.5 cm)
WEIGHT: 7.2 oz (205 g)
HANDLE: Crelicam® Ebony