Hunter's Specialties Gut and Butt Hook Combo

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The Hunter's Specialties But Hook Combo includes both the Butt Out 2 and the Gut Hook with carry pouch. The Gut Hook Razor Blade is designed for gutting and skinning big game. It uses standard utility knife blades, so it will never need sharpening. Includes ergonomic SoftGrip handle and heavy-duty black nylon sheath. Blade length: 1-5/8 inches; Overall length: 5 inches; Weight: 2.5 oz. The Butt Out 2 makes field dressing easy and safe, with extra length featuring the enhanced 'Butt Stop' for cleaner and easier use. Simply Insert - Twist - Pull to quickly and easily disconnect the anal alimentary canal from deer as the first step in the field dressing process. Multiple Big Game Tool works for Deer, Antelope, Bear, Hogs and similar sized big game.