MONTANA DECOY Spring Fling Hen

MONTANA DECOY Spring Fling Hen

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Show toms exactly what they’re looking for this spring. The Spring Fling breeding hen decoy was produced using a photo of a real hen just before she was bred, resulting in unmatched realism.

It’s not complicated. Toms foolishly rush in to rendezvous with a seductive hen. This breeding hen turkey decoy has made it easier than ever to give gobblers what they are looking for in the spring woods. Using a photo taken of a hen just before she was bred sends an invitation no tom can turn down. It’s the beginning of any classic love story. Guy meets girl. Guy falls for girl…well, we’ll just let hunters holding the gun write the script. We bet it ends with feathers flying and rave reviews.

Product Description

  • Unfolded : 31″x9″
  • Folded: 10″x6″
  • Weight: 8 oz.